Meet the Intern!

Hello Internet world! It’s me!

Hi ya’ll! My name is Holyn and I am the new intern here at Ambassador Travel! I am so excited to be working with such wonderful people, and I can’t wait to help them continue to reach you through all sorts of social media! *Cue Chandler’s I’m so excited dance moves that are better similar to mine*


Why, you might ask, am I writing a blog about myself instead of this awesome company I work for or the hundreds of vacations they plan all over the world? Well, I figured it would be nice for you all to know a bit about me so that my craziness personality doesn’t scare you off from the rest of our posts! So, without further ado I present, 3 facts about the new intern, so you can see why you should keep reading her blogs!

Fact #1: I am a senior at the University of Evansville, with plans to move to Indianapolis after graduation! I came to UE from Bentonville, Arkansas, and played soccer for the Purple Aces all 4 years of college! I am majoring in Business management with a history minor, because my love for old buildings is untamable, and I am also a member of the Chi Omega chapter on campus!

Soccer MVC

The Squad after we won the Missouri Valley conference tournament!

London XO

“Throwing what I know” at the Tower Bridge in London!

Fact #2: I AM OBSESSED WITH TRAVELING. After 3 trips to Europe, a trip to Africa on the books, and countless vacations around the U.S., I guess you could say I am hooked. I spent 4 months abroad at Harlaxton College, UE’s campus in Grantham, England, and I adventured and ate my way through Europe while simultaneously emptying my bank account (totally worth it)!


Just me and 160 of my closest friends at Harlaxton College!


My attempt at an artsy picture standing on the Cliffs of Moher.

Fact #3: I have never actually written a blog. Crazy right?? Now, I know you are probably thinking why on Earth would I take a job that requires me to do something I’ve never done before?? WELL BY GOLLY I JUST LOVE LEARNING. But on a tad bit more serious note, I do love trying new things and have wanted to take a stab at writing for awhile! So this was the perfect opportunity for me to do that while also getting to work with my favorite pastime, social media! (And if I am not good at it you only have to read my writing for a semester *Thumbs up emoji*.) Plus, what 22-year-old girl wouldn’t want to write about vacations, honeymoons, and weddings?! It’s like I’m finally putting all those years on Pinterest to good use. 😉

Well Folks, there you have it! A little bit about me so that hopefully we at Ambassador can get to know more about you! If any of these posts catch you eye, tickle you fancy, or whatever idiom you prefer to use, remember that all of these wonderful places we feature can be booked here at Ambassador, so come on over and see us!


Where haven’t you been?

Who: Rusti VonderHaar

Number of Years with ambassador:  29

Number of Countries Visited: 155

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana

1.  What item is in your suitcase that you couldn’t travel without?


2.  What’s your most treasured travel souvenir?

Native Jewelry

3.  What’s the most memorable dish you’ve eaten during your travels?

Filet of Spanish Beef with cheese (in Spain, of course)

4.  What’s your travel motto?

Travel now or stay home and wait for the next tornado!

5.  Where haven’t you been that’s on your travel bucket list?


Prepping for Ireland with Connie

Hi Everyone!

I want to welcome you to Postcards from Ambassador.

Here’s a little about myself:  I love my job, vacations, and traveling.  I enjoy other cultures and meeting new people.  But most of all, I love creating wonderful memories with my family and friends.

To me, half the fun of traveling is planning and the feeling of anticipation I get.  I love to count down the days before my departure and think about how the climate is going to be, what to pack, and how to pack lightly.  I wake up excited everyday knowing I have this fun adventure ahead.

In November, I will be visiting Ireland for the second time.  So I’m currently going through one of my favorite parts of the traveling process.  I’m very much looking forward to it.

Yes, I will be kissing the Blarney Stone, again!  Though this time, I will be spending a couple of nights in Dromoland Castle (

So stay tuned for more updates about my trip and more on Postcards from Ambassador.