Sailing New Waters: Disney Cruise Lines’ First-Time Sailings

From the Caribbean to Europe Disney Cruise Lines are known for their many choices of destinations. Departing from places such as New York, Miami, or Texas, to name a few, Disney Cruise Lines can take you almost anywhere! With that said, they now have even more exciting news! In the fall of 2018, Disney Cruise Lines will embark on two brand-new adventures to the sandy beaches of Bermuda and the romantic city of Quebec. For the first time in over 21 years, Disney Cruise Lines has expanded its itineraries to Bermuda and Quebec City. The addition of these two destinations brings the chance for new port adventures and experiences for passengers of all ages!


bermuda-1514346_960_720Castaway on a 5-night cruise headed to the pink, sandy beaches of Bermuda this October. Board Disney’s oldest ship, Disney Magic, for an adventure you won’t soon forget. Departing from New York, New York on October 4th, Disney Magic will sail you to the beautiful King’s Wharf, Bermuda where you will spend two full days. As if that wasn’t enough, Disney Magic is also sailing out of New York, New York, on October 13th for a 6-night Bermuda Cruise. This adventure will allow you to spend 3 full days exploring the beautiful land of Bermuda. Known for its vast coral reefs and beautiful waters, Bermuda offers a paradise-like experience.

Bermuda Adventuresdiving-1564384_960_720

King’s Wharf, Bermuda provides visitors of all ages with an alluring list of adventures. Take the family on a scuba diving excursion around the beautiful coral reefs of Bermuda. With shallow  and practically transparent waters, this activity is fun for everyone! In addition, you can take the family to climb to the top of the Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse or visit the Historic Streets of St. George. Of course, Bermuda is full of great shops for your inner shopaholic. Now don’t worry, you can always trade a day of shopping in for a day on the pristine golf courses of Bermuda. With these just being a few of the many activities Bermuda has to offer, you’ll never run out of options.

Quebec City


Quebec City

Love romantic cities with rich history? Take on the historic streets of Quebec City. Disney is offering two 7-night cruises out of New York, New York to Quebec City. Each sailing will offer stops in Saguenay and Baie-Comeau along with two full days in Quebec City. Sail your way to endless memories this September on the ship, Disney Magic.

Quebec City Adventures


Montmorency Falls

Discover the history of Quebec City through antique churches and beautiful stone homes in Old Quebec. Make your way to the Aquarium du Quebec to see 300 species of animals. Then, take a stroll to the outdoor park where you will see polar bears and walruses. When it comes to beautiful landscapes, Quebec City is not lacking. Take your family on a hike to Montmorency Falls where they can see a waterfall that is one-and-a-half times the size of Niagara Falls! With two full days in Quebec City, your options are endless!

75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a National Park and 2016 marks the 100th anniversary celebration of the National Park Service. 2016 is also the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, was a day that would live in infamy and thrust the United States of America into the Second World War Now 75 years later.

Americans and people from all over the world gather to pay tribute to those who were here on that fateful day. The Memorial Day ceremony and parade are organized to provide the public an opportunity to express their appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families.

Pearl Harbor2

There are many different sites of Pearl Harbor. The sites of Pearl Harbor are located on 17 acres in Honolulu Hawaii. Sites at Pearl Harbor include; Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center, USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour, Pearl Harbor Visitor Center Museum, and USS Arizona Memorial Book and Gift Store.

Pearl Harbor3

A Resort Fit For The President

Natural mineral springs, breathtaking mountains, golfing, fine dining, a secret underground bunker; sounds like a a perfect resort getaway! The Greenbrier is a National Historic Landmark and is regarded as one of the finest luxury resorts around the world!

Since 1778, the natural mineral springs have been attracting guests from around the world. Today, it is an 11,000 acre luxury retreat in which the guest list includes 26 of our country’s 44 Presidents! This resort is also a favorite destination of royalty, celebrities and business leaders.

The Greenbrier is surrounded by the wondrous Allegheny Mountains and offers exclusive services and amenities such as championship golf, fine dining, designer boutiques, more than 55 activities, their world-renowned mineral spa and a 103,000 square foot gaming and entertainment venue.

Fun fact! In the 1950’s the U.S. government goes to Greenbrier for assistance in the construction of an Emergency Relocation Center, a bunker or bomb shelter, to be occupied by the U.S. Congress in case of war. The classified underground facility is built in conjunction with an above ground addition to the hotel, the West Virginia Wing. For 30 years the facility code named Project Greek Island is maintained at a constant state of operational readiness.

Travel to this destination is easy too! If you’re located in the Evansville area, it’s an easy 7.5 hour drive to West Virginia just off of Interstate 64. You can also fly to Greenbrier Valley Airport which is only 15 minutes from the resort. The Amtrak also stops just in front of the Greenbrier, each access from Chicago connections.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent to Plan your Honeymoon

Planning for your big day is already stressful, so why take on the added stress of planning the perfect honeymoon?? Answer: YOU SHOULDN’T. Let us at Ambassador do it for you! We love helping couples find their dream destination, and if the idea of less stress doesn’t tempt you enough (who are we kidding of course it did but still), here are our top 5 reasons we think you should use an Ambassador Travel agent to book your trip!

  1. Experience!
    Travel agents have been booking trips and getting great deals since the beginning vacations! Okay, well maybe not that extreme but they definitely know what they are doing! Our agents at Ambassador are certified and have relationships all over the globe that will help you find the best deal!
  2. Time Saving!
    Why hassle with sifting through websites and resort information when a travel agent already knows the best places to stay? Save yourself from the time consuming task of searching and use those extra hours to do something fun (Like buying something new for your trip)!
  3. We have so many great honeymoon spots!
    Ambassador has a great relationship with Sandals, Royal Caribbean and Princess cruises, Disney (you know you’ve thought about it), and so many other fabulous honeymoon locations! Our agents are well versed in all of these places and can help you find exactly what you are looking for!
    Have you ever actually tried to book the perfect vacation? Never mind trying to book that vacation while planning one of the biggest days of your life? Well let me tell ya, it usually ends with a frustrated slamming of the computer keys and a reach for the nearest piece of chocolate. Just trying to find the cheapest option, which means you searching every website known to man looking for deals, only to find that the original site you were on was the best (may or may not be speaking from experience…), could make anyone want to pull their hair out! Let one of our travel agents do all the worrying for you! They work with these issues every day, and probably have better stress coping skills than me most when it comes to planning trips!
  5. Ambassador Agents LOVE LOVE LOVE booking honeymoons!
    What is more fun than booking a couple’s dream honeymoon getaway? Booking a couple’s dream honeymoon getaway aaaaaannnndd getting to share in that joy with them! Here at Ambassador we adore our clients, and are just as excited for your vacation as you are! We’ll give you tips, help you prepare, and will want to hear all about it when you get back!

So there you have it! 5 extremely convincing reasons to use Ambassador Travel to book your honeymoon! Who can say no to a less stress and time saving way to book your trip? Come on in today, we’ll be waiting!

Stressed is Just Desserts Spelled Backwards!

Hello fellow travelers! My name is Amy (I’m an intern at Ambassador Travel) and I love to travel. I just recently returned from an European guided tour trip and found that my favorite travel destination thus far has to be Italy! Florence, Italy to be exact. Bellisima Citia! The views from the city and of the city are absolutely breathtaking. On the Ponte Vecchio, which runs over the Arno River, you can stop by some of the jewelry shops that the bridge is famous for and take in the view. What’s best about this location is that it’s very close to one of the most famous Gelateria’s in Florence: Perche No!… This little shop has been making homemade gelato everyday since 1939. Translated, it means “Why Not?” and that is exactly what most people say when they duck into the historical location after a long day of shopping.

A five-minute walk from the center of Ponte Vecchio, turn left and take a leisurely stroll down Via Por Santa Maria, which will eventually turn into Via Calimala. This is definitely the place to be for the smart and chic shoppers. Here you will find international chain stores such as, Zara and H&M.

Next, make a right by Zara onto Via Orsammichele. When I was there, I passed this wonderful woman who was selling scarves on the corner. She gave me directions and I bought a scarf. Definitely stop by if you are looking for a friendly local who knows her way around. On this street was where I saw the Gelateria sign Perche No!… and the smell from the shop below was definitely inviting me in! When you first walk in, the different flavors can be a little overwhelming; especially if you don’t know what to try. Well, thanks to the scarf lady I was told to ask for the “flavor of the day” which lead me to the best flavor combination I never would have tried on my own. Pistacchio e caffe’ (pistachio and coffee). My friend also tried a new combination of mint and pineapple which was very refreshing but nothing like my flavor combo!

On a cone or in a dish, they give you a full serving of all natural ingredients and they even have vegan and soy options. No matter where you go in Italy, you will no doubt find the best gelato just by asking the locals. And once you have gelato, you’ll never want ice cream again! For no more than three euros I found a new love in Florence, Italy! Ciao!

Picture of me on my first day in Florence!

Picture of me on my first day in Florence!

Best gelato I ever had

Best gelato I’ve ever had.