What Type of Cruiser Are You?

October is National plan a cruise month which offers a way for travelers to learn more about cruises and find some amazing deals! There are hundreds of different options for cruises, all offering unique experiences! Choices range from family to couple cruises and from elegant to relaxed cruises. Here are some great options for you to choose from-

Expedition Cruises-

This isn’t your typical cruise, however, it is becoming a popular attraction. These smaller cruise boats are able to get to ports that the bigger cruise boats do not have access to. On these cruises you’ll explore nature and wildlife like never before. When arriving at a port you may be getting into a raft or a kayak and exploring deeper or putting on your hiking boots and hiking a mountain. This cruise is definitely for the adventurous. Some popular destinations for these cruises are Alaska, Antarctica, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Islands. cruise expedition

Family Cruises-

As the name suggests, this type of cruise offers activities for the whole family to enjoy. The family can enjoy water slides, a theater, hot tubs, nice family cabins, and so much more. The activities on family cruises can be endless and your kids are sure to go to bed tired! Some even offer you and your S.O. a chance to have some adult time to yourselves while the kids are off with their own activities. cruise fam

Luxury cruises-

If you’re looking for a cruise that you will be fully pampered on, then luxury cruises are for you. From the moment you walk on board the ship your luggage will be handled for you and you’ll be carrying a glass of bubbly in your hands. The ship will have fine wood or even marble flooring and you’ll be looking at fine artwork throughout the ship. The dinners aboard are gleaming with elegance and you’ll be able to enjoy many talented artists as well as incredible speakers. Cruisee

River Cruises-

For a river cruise you will be on a smaller boat and you will have the ability to enjoy beautiful sights of different country sides. European locations are popular for river cruises. The boat will stop and a different port each day and you’ll get to explore multiple countries. The on board amenities are not as extravagant as big ocean cruises and it is a more nice relaxing atmosphere. river cruise

There is a cruise out there for everyone and if you’re not sure what type of cruise you want to enjoy then our travel agents can help to match you up with your perfect trip!


Trafalgar Trip Styles: Picking your Perfect Vacation

Trafalgar offers amazing vacations with ease of travel, insider experiences and flexibility. They have a wide range of options for you to pick the vacation style that is right for you.

Regional Explorer-

With the Regional Explorer option you are able to see the famous historical spots of two different countries while also getting the change to see the small local side. You will travel through a specific region, such as the Mediterranean or the Alps, which has unique features to it. It is the perfect trip for you to be able to see the big famous cities and also get to see the quaint local side.



Country Explorer-

Dive deep into a specific countries culture with this Country Explorer experience! You may learn how to make a local dish or even have dinner with a local family. You’ll be able to learn the etiquette of the country and you’ll be able to see top attractions with a VIP status and no wait time!paris_-_eiffel_tower_-_-1024x768p-72dpi_copy.jpg-1024x768p-72dpi_copy


At Leisure-

At leisure travel takes the “go go go!” out of everything. You will get to soak up your surroundings are dive deep into each destination. You won’t have to worry about waking up early or having too many things to do. You’ll spend at least two days at each location and have plenty of time to enjoy!new-zealand-2666076_1920

Family Vacations-


The family vacation appeals to all generations from grandparents to children. Trafalgar will take you to the best sights and teach some great history about them. There will also be optional excursions to enjoy. Don’t worry about your family having to carry their luggage or having to stand in line for the sights. Trafalgar will make it a luxury experience that your family is sure to enjoy!



Hidden Journeys-

If you’re not interested in all the big attractions and want to visit unique sights that not many others get to see then hidden journeys is the perfect trip! With a smaller travel group you’ll be able to explore some phenomenal destinations and still have the 4 or 5 star accommodations!td_and_guests-group-1024x768p-72dpi

Cruise, Rail and Combinations-

Trafalgar will choose the best way to reach the best places! Whether that is by boat, by train, by road, or a combination of them all! You’ll get to see great sights through different forms of transportation and everything is planned behind the scenes so that you can just relax and enjoy your trip.winery-1981353_1920


Special Interest-

Do you have a particular passion? Trafalgar offers trips that combine your passion with the unique culture of the destination. Are you passionate about food? You can travel through Italy and taste all the best gelato and fresh foods they have to offer! Interested in historical battlefields? Trafalgar will have a whole trip designated to them!


Trafalgar offers all of these categories of trips with all kinds of destinations to choose from! They will really make your trip smooth and stress free! Best of all, Ambassador Travel can book your whole trip for you so it is completely stress and planning free! Just pick your destination!

Where Home Meets Adventure: Be My Guest

Trafalgar Tours has been providing customers with phenomenal international trips since 1947. With over 230 destinations to choose from, clients never have trouble finding where they will visit next. Although Trafalgar offers an abundance of activities on each of their many itineraries, one activity stands out more than most. Trafalgar’s Be My Guest Experience.

Look Into the Lives of Locals

The Be My Guest Experience provides you with a unique glimpse into the lives of locals. With this, comes the opportunity to learn first-hand about the local culture and foods of the country. You will be able to converse and bond with residents over a home cooked meal.

Make and Enjoy Local Dishes

Because we all know that dinner is more than just eating on the go (even if that is all we seem to have time for during the week), you will be able to sit down and share a meal in the home of a local family. Now don’t get too comfy! You are able to assist in the preparation of your meal. Your host will teach you step by step how to create your meal and how to serve it. Rather than paying to be a number in a cooking class full of people, the Be My Guest Experience gives you the relaxed, one-on-one time to master the preparation and serving of regional dishes. Of course, the added bonus is that when you finish preparing your dish, you get to sit down and enjoy your meal with the family.


Bond and Learn

As if a home cooked meal wasn’t enough, the Be My Guest Experience offers the opportunity to learn about areas around your destination through the eyes of a local. Gaining exclusive insight on some of the favorite areas of your host family is just one of the unique opportunities you have when participating in the Be My Guest Experience.  The memories and friendships made while enjoying a home cooked meal and learning about the culture of your destination is something you will never forget.

Multiple Destinations, Multiple Experiences

Experience a day in the life of Beatrice in France. Visit the Tamaki family in New Zealand. Bond with the Telli Family in Italy. The list of people you can meet and places you can travel to for your Be My Guest Experience is endless! Trafalgar offers the Be My Guest Experience in various cities and in various countries, just take your pick. This is the experience of a lifetime, don’t miss it!fg s.jpg


The Hawaiian Disney Experience

Many people view Hawaii as a honeymoon destination or more of an adult trip but have you thought about it being one of your greatest family vacations? Aulani is Disney’s Hawaiian resort located on the island of O’ahu. This is truly a place filled with fun for the whole family!fam vaca

The activities available at this resort are endless! Take a horseback excursion, Golf on a championship course, experience a Lu’au, and relax at the spa! I’ll tell you about just a few of the amazing adventures you can have with your family in this paradise.

First off, there are the many different pool experiences available. There is the Waikolohe pool which is open to the whole family and there are also slides, a splash pad, and tubing adventures available for family fun! There is also an infinity pool that dips off into the ocean. The Wailana pool and the Whirlpool spas are great places where parents can take a chance to relax alone while the kids run around at “Aunty’s Beach House”.

Of course if you go to Hawaii you can’t miss the beach! Whether you just want to lay around and soak up the sun or boogie board on the water you’ve got the perfect beach for it all! You can learn how to make sculptures in the sand, play some fun beach games, sail on the ocean, enjoy some beach-side food, and many more activities. You’ll be able to rent any equipment you’ll need for a fun day on the beach and your kids will surely be entertained!


Take the opportunity to learn about the culture of Hawaii through a fire pit story telling opportunity with “Uncle”. He will tell you Hawaiian legends through puppetry, magic, music, and other props.  This is something families can enjoy together. Another way to learn more about the Hawaiian culture is with a walking tour highlighting the nature and wildlife at the resort. Hawaii is such a unique island and there is so much information to learn about it!

Our travel agents, here, at Ambassador Travel can help you plan this perfect trip so that you can have your greatest family vacation! The Disney experience is one of a kind!


Benefits of a Travel Agent

Today, anyone can book a vacation. Many people wonder why travel agents are even necessary anymore. Travel Agents are actually incredibly helpful. They can take your ideas of a vacation and make them come to life and probably add some things to make them better. Here are some of the many benefits of a travel agent-

  1. A travel agent cares about their customer. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t be around anymore because they wouldn’t be able to keep a customer base. They are looking to make your vacation the best vacation. If you’re not sure where you wantmap to go, they will get to know your likes and dislikes and find the best fit for you. You may have heard many people tell you that “X” is the best place they’ve ever gone and you just have to see it but if it isn’t the right place for you then you won’t enjoy it as much as they did. Each person enjoys different places and travel agents understand this. Travel agents are looking to match you with your perfect destination.
  2. Travel agents can package your vacation. If you were to book your vacation yourself you would have to go buy the plane tickets, go to a different site and book your hotel, go to a bunch of other sites to book your activities, and then keep track of everything on all of those different sites. Well, a travel agent has the tools to bundle all of those things into one package which will help you get a deal on the price. Even if you’re more comfortable doing all the planing yourself, you can go to a travel agent, tell them everything you want and they will help organize and package it all for you.
  3. Travel agents give you long term care. When booking things yourself online all a company sees is a credit card number and they aren’t always willing to help, they just want your money. A travel agent will take care of you throughout the entire process. They will make sure you enjoy your vacation and don’t stress about the whole trip. If any kind of change in plans or emergency comes up you won’t have to stress about it. Your travel agent will re-book your flight, tell you what hospitals are reliable, and change your hotel. They will be there if anything in your plans go wrong and they will be the one fixing everything while you continue to enjoy your vacation. They take the stress out of it! ferry-boat-123059_960_720.jpg
  4.  Ambassador Travel uses reliable vendors that are financially vetted and stable. They have great partnerships with various hotels, resorts, airlines, and more. All of this is to help you get the best and most reliable trip.
  5. Last but not least, travel agents are good at what they do! They have traveled the world themselves and have gained the experiences to better help you on your journeys! I would say that booking through a travel agent is the best way to travel because it really makes your trip an exciting adventure without any stress.