TSA Security Advice: Make Your Travel Experience a Breeze


You would not believe how many travelers often times forget they have a pocket-knife or other unapproved items in their pockets or carry-on bags. For any other questions on items you may want to bring, visit TSA.gov for a list of all prohibited items.

2. Apply for TSA Pre

This is a pre-screening program for travelers to gain access to shorter, less intrusive TSA screenings. A great idea for those of you with young children! You can also apply for other trusted traveler programs such as Global Entry.


Don’t forget your valid ID and boarding pass. Make sure you double check that your name on your boarding pass matches the name on your valid ID. Just taking the time to double check will save you a lot of time in the long-run!

4. Arrive Early!

Ever heard the saying “Early is on time, on time is late, and if you’re late don’t show up”? Well this applies! For domestic travel, arrive to the airport up to 2 hours in advance and for international travel arrive up to 3 hours in advance. This just ensures that you are able to get through security and take care of any other small things in time for your flight.

5. Be Prepared

When approaching security, be ready. Have your ID out, remove any large electronics (laptops, tablets, etc), and have your 3-1-1 liquids out and ready to go.

6. Don’t Over Pack!

Making sure your baggage fits the weight requirements doesn’t have to be difficult. Mixing and matching outfits is a great way to pack less while still having plenty of outfits.  Limiting the number of shoes you pack can also help you keep the weight of your bag down. Each person is allowed 2 carry-on bags, a purse and a backpack or small luggage. If needed, you can always pack some outfits inside your carry-on to leave more room for larger items in your luggage.

7. Be Nice to The Gate Agents

Gate agents have more power than you might assume. Being nice to a gate agent can make your experience easier and even quicker.


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