Find the Hidden Magic In Walt Disney World

As if Walt Disney World wasn’t full of enough magic, there are so many hidden gems throughout the park that give it an even more magical touch! While on your way to the main attractions, be sure to make some time for some of these hidden gems! Ensure that even more amazing memories are made by going off the beaten path!184895323_0821AR_7885GV.jpg

The Kiss Goodnight

As if your Disney World trip wasn’t magical enough, the Kiss Goodnight makes it that much better! At the end of each day, after the park closes, make your way to Cinderella’s Castle to see the Kiss Goodnight. The Kiss Goodnight begins with Cinderella’s castle twinkling in dazzling lights. Just after the lights come on, When You Wish Upon a Star begins to play. Once the music builds, a voice comes over the speakers thanking everyone for the visit to the park.  Many guests have put this event at the top of their “must-do’s” while in Magic Kingdom! Sit down, relax, and get the most out of you magical day in Disney World.

Hollywood Studios Muppet Attraction

Upon your arrival to the Hollywood Studios’ Muppet Attraction (which is a huge must-see!), you will notice that the ticket office displays a sign that states “ticket office closed.” While this may seem to be true, if you look just a little closer, in small print, you will see that there is another smaller sign that says “Key under mat.” They aren’t lying! There is a fun looking key under the mat that makes for a great photo opp!

Swiss Family Treehouse

Based on the 1960 film, Swiss Family Robinson, is the Swiss Family Treehouse! While making your way through Magic Kingdom, be sure to stop and make the exciting climb through the unique and gigantic treehouse! While on your way to the top, see the bamboo bucket pulley systems, the water wheel, winding stares and bridges, and so much more! Along your way you will find rooms resembling that of the Robinson family. This is a great experience for visitors of all ages! The kids are bound to love the adventure and excitement along the way!

The Windows on Main Street

While making your way down the exciting Main Street, be sure to take a look at each window! On every window is the name of an Imagineer who helped create the excitement and magic of Walt Disney World! Walt Disney has his own special window that faces Cinderella’s castle so that he can always see the entire kingdom! This is such a neat way to learn about all the great minds behind the creation of Disney World!

Club Cool

Soda fanatic? Great! Club Cool is for you! While in Disney World, this was one of my favorite things! Located in Epcot, Club Cool is a very cold building that hosts sodas form all over the world! Try as many as you would like while also beating the heat!

Sci Fi

Dine like you’re in the 1950’s! Sci Fi, in Hollywood Studios, allows you to have dinner and see a movie in an old fashioned 1950’s car! Sip on milkshakes, enjoy a burger, all while at the drive in! This is such a unique experience for everyone!

The Jungle Cruise

Set your sites on the jungle! Disney World’s Jungle Cruise takes you on a fun and exciting ride through the waters of Asia, Africa, and South America. See the wild in the most unique way possible! Full of riveting twists and turns, every cruise is different! Stay off your feet and hop aboard!

Carousel of Progress

Want to ride the ONLY ride that Walt himself has ever road in Disney World? Take a ride on the Carousel of Progress! This is the only ride in the entire park that Walt rode. This ride is a favorite of many and has no age restrictions!

Discovery Island

Explore endless animal exhibits, dining areas, and shops in Discovery Island! Make your way through this island and make memories along the way! Take the Kodak Picture trail for funny photo opportunities!

Living with the Land

All aboard! This relaxing boat ride, located in Epcot, takes you on a ride through endless information! This ride gives you an inside look at the science in growing crops. Along the way, see live animals such as alligators!




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