Where Home Meets Adventure: Be My Guest

Trafalgar Tours has been providing customers with phenomenal international trips since 1947. With over 230 destinations to choose from, clients never have trouble finding where they will visit next. Although Trafalgar offers an abundance of activities on each of their many itineraries, one activity stands out more than most. Trafalgar’s Be My Guest Experience.

Look Into the Lives of Locals

The Be My Guest Experience provides you with a unique glimpse into the lives of locals. With this, comes the opportunity to learn first-hand about the local culture and foods of the country. You will be able to converse and bond with residents over a home cooked meal.

Make and Enjoy Local Dishes

Because we all know that dinner is more than just eating on the go (even if that is all we seem to have time for during the week), you will be able to sit down and share a meal in the home of a local family. Now don’t get too comfy! You are able to assist in the preparation of your meal. Your host will teach you step by step how to create your meal and how to serve it. Rather than paying to be a number in a cooking class full of people, the Be My Guest Experience gives you the relaxed, one-on-one time to master the preparation and serving of regional dishes. Of course, the added bonus is that when you finish preparing your dish, you get to sit down and enjoy your meal with the family.


Bond and Learn

As if a home cooked meal wasn’t enough, the Be My Guest Experience offers the opportunity to learn about areas around your destination through the eyes of a local. Gaining exclusive insight on some of the favorite areas of your host family is just one of the unique opportunities you have when participating in the Be My Guest Experience.  The memories and friendships made while enjoying a home cooked meal and learning about the culture of your destination is something you will never forget.

Multiple Destinations, Multiple Experiences

Experience a day in the life of Beatrice in France. Visit the Tamaki family in New Zealand. Bond with the Telli Family in Italy. The list of people you can meet and places you can travel to for your Be My Guest Experience is endless! Trafalgar offers the Be My Guest Experience in various cities and in various countries, just take your pick. This is the experience of a lifetime, don’t miss it!fg s.jpg



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