Eight Ways to Travel Europe

Explore the rugged landscapes of Ireland and Britain or feel the romance of Italy with Trafalgar’s 2017 tours throughout Europe and Britain! With so many tours and so many different ways to travel, your summer is bound to be packed with fun. In order to make traveling easier for you, Trafalgar allows you to choose one of the 8 different travel options that best fit your needs. These travel options differ based on destination, group size, age and much more!


Country Explorer

The first of the 8 ways to travel is Country Explorer. This option allows you to become quite the expert on the European country of your choice! Learn about the culture, customs, food, and its people while also learning about yourself.

At Leisure


At Leisure trips are known for their slower pace. This is a great option for anyone with younger children or those who just don’t want to be on the go all the time. Guests will typically stay 2-6 nights per destination and allow you to explore more than one place. In addition, this form of travel allows for you to sleep in with every day rarely beginning after 9 am. Being able to do some of your own exploring away form the group is also something the At Leisure trip allows.


One country just isn’t enough? Then the Discoveries option is for you! Taking you on tours of multiple countries, this trip allows you to see the culture of multiple countries all in one trip. Making the most of your time, these itineraries take you from one European country to another. With that said, most of the activities on these itineraries are on a time schedule so these are great options for those who like to cover as much ground as possible. Although this itinerary seems hectic, it is very stress free. With your guides having planned most transportation and travel for you, the work is already done! Join your friends and family on this 9-31 day adventure of a lifetime.


Cruise, Rail, and Combos

This unique itinerary takes travelers across Europe on land and over water. Always on the move, this option will use different types of transportation depending on what fits best with the destination. Get the best of both worlds while traveling all over Europe with your friends and family.

Regional Explorer

Calling all adventure seekers! Travel through 2 or more European countries while learning all about different cultures and customs. This itinerary is great for those who want to make the most of their time!

Family Experienceudtdtyutyu.jpg

This itinerary is fun for the entire family! Allowing travelers to explore the country at their own pace, this is great even for families with little ones! Engage in child friendly activities and see some of the most beautiful parts of Europe all at the same time.

Hidden Journeys

Get your adrenaline pumping go off the beaten path to explore the deeper aspects of Europe. Through mountains and off the trails, you’ll discover the beauty of Europe. You and your group of 26 or less will find yourselves always engaged during this amazing trip.

Special Interest


The Special Interest itinerary is tailored to fit you! Based on your passion, you can take a trip to taste the wines of Europe, explore the beautiful art, and much more. All of your time will be spent learning about what you love.



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