Why I chose travel school: Hilary

There are many reasons why people choose to enroll in travel school. It offers many job opportunities and gives versatility to each individual enrolled. In this post, one of our newest agents, Hilary, will tell you why travel school was right for her.


Why did you choose travel school? I was originally going to the University of Southern Indiana and was paying for school all on my own. I was also working at the mall and planning my wedding at the same time. Paying for college ended up being too expensive for me to afford. I discovered Ambassador Travel offered travel school for a significantly cheaper price. Since it was the same thing I was pursuing at USI, I decided to sign up.

What is travel school like? You receive a book and a workbook, and there are 16 chapters. For each chapter there are vocabulary, worksheets, research papers, and a test. At the end of everything, you get two finals. Everything is open book, even the tests and finals. Overall, I thought it was pretty simple and wasn’t difficult at all.

What are the benefits of travel school? It only takes a year to complete and it’s affordable. For me personally, since I was planning a wedding and working, it was great knowing you can work at your own pace and from home. I even paid off my tuition in six months. Another benefit is you don’t have to finish the travel school in a year. If you want to finish earlier, you have the ability to do so.

Who would you recommend travel school to? I would recommend enrolling in travel school to those who love to travel and want a job that allows you to. Travel school is also great for people who struggle financially and want to go to school. I know from experience that it can be hard going to school when your schedule isn’t flexible, which is another positive thing about travel school. You do the work from home, at your own pace, so it’s nice for people who need that flexibility. For more information about the Ambassador Travel School, please go to our website or call us (1-800-937-8688) for more information.


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