Debunking Destination Wedding Myths

The day of your wedding should be the absolute best day of your life; however, the reality is that sometimes weddings are full of stress. Something is always bound to come up. One of your bridesmaid dresses doesn’t fit or even a possible delay in the flower delivery can make you dread hearing the phone ring with the thought of another crisis. But… wait a minute! It shouldn’t be like that.
Kristie described her wedding day like this…
“The day of my wedding was the best! My best friend and I hung out on the beach in the morning. Then the both of us and my sister-in-law went to have massages. After that, I got my hair done at the resort and just had to show up to my wedding.”
How can you make your wedding day stress free like Kristie’s? Consider a destination wedding! Talking with honeymoon and destination wedding expert, Kristie Staton, allowed us to discuss the common myths surrounding destination weddings. She has planned well over a 100 honeymoons and over 15 destination weddings, including her own! Just 12 years ago, Kristie and her then fiance left the states to head for the tropical island of Jamaica. Accompanied by 19 of her closest friends and family she got married to the love of her life surrounded by paradise. Read below to find out how she debunks the myths of having a destination wedding. 

The happy couple sharing their first kiss in complete paradise 🙂 

I won’t have any privacy if my guests are staying in the same location.
This can easily be prevented! Stay at a different resort from your guests.

“I stayed at an adults-only resort while the rest of my guests stayed at a resort near-by. This allowed for my husband and I to have private time before and after the wedding. We also stayed in Jamaica for 7 days while our guests only stayed for 4.”
You could also consider traveling to a different location right after your wedding! Talk about the best of both worlds. Have your wedding in Jamaica, and hop on a plane to have your honeymoon on another luxurious island. 

My wedding will be too small.
Not necessarily, Kristie had 19 guests at her wedding. She loved the size of her wedding because of how close they all were at the end of the wedding. Before the ceremony, Kristie and her husband would have meals with the wedding guests and she even planned a trip to Dunn’s River Falls, a popular waterfall in Jamaica. This was a big highlight of the trip. All the close friends and family held hands as they climbed up a waterfall…talk about a bonding moment! Today the group gets together for a Thanksgiving meal and even a yearly summer cookout to reminisce about the vacation 12 years ago.

Kristie and her wedding party at Dunn’s River Falls for a pre-wedding adventure! 

Also, if you are wanting a big wedding feel, while also having a destination wedding… have a reception when you get back! Kristie’s friends and family who couldn’t get to Jamaica came to a reception once she returned and they all celebrated and even watched the video of their wedding!


Kristie and her husband at their reception ! 

My wedding dress will be ruined by the time I get there!
Kristie said this…

“Plan and dress for the destination! If you are getting married on the beach you don’t necessarily have to have super fancy attire. When picking out your dress do your best to pick a material that won’t wrinkle easily. You can also make sure that your resort has a steamer available for you to use.”
Most importantly, be friendly to the flight attendants! While flying to Jamaica, Kristie’s flight attendants hung up her dress in the captain’s cabin. (This can’t be guaranteed every time, but it never hurts to be friendly to the flight attendants.)

My guests won’t want to come.
Who doesn’t want to help celebrate your wedding with a vacation? Even though you may think it is an amazing idea to have a wedding in paradise, some of your guests may be a little reluctant. One of the most difficult parts of having a destination wedding is accepting that some people that you want to be at your wedding won’t be able to afford the trip. BUT, Kristie did have some tips to overcome the dilemma. Make a list of the people that you absolutely have to have at your wedding. If these people are really important to you, then you may need to budget covering some of the costs to get them to the destination. 

Kristie and her maid of honor, who was an absolute MUST to attend the wedding! 

A travel agent can’t help with the planning of a destination wedding!
This is completely FALSE! Having a travel agent assist you with your destination wedding can make it the ultimate stress-free experience. You can refer all of your guests to the agent to have a one-stop booking area. Travel agents that have experience with destination weddings can also let you know about the different rules and regulations for getting married in a different country. Did you know that in some countries you have to have a blood test done before getting married?! An agent could help you navigate these obstacles and help you pick the best location.

If you want the stress-free wedding day, come to Ambassador Travel to talk with Kristie and our other agents about planning your tropical destination wedding!

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