Should You Become a Travel Agent?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, then you should consider starting a career in the travel agency industry!
Do you love to travel?
Agents visit many different locations, which is a part of their job! A lot of travel agents have been to many countries. One of Ambassador Travel’s agents has been to over 155!!! Recently a group of agents went to Punta Cana to check out various resorts and look into different excursions to make sure they are recommending the top locations and services to their clients.

Ambassador Travel’s travel agents visiting Punta Cana!

Do you love getting good discounts?
Being a travel agent also gives you access to reduced-rate travel. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Plus, this lets you plan vacations with your family on top of the traveling that you already get to do for work!
Do you like having a flexible schedule?
The beauty of being a travel agent is the flexibility. You have the option to work from home or work in an office full or part time. You can really tailor the career to what is right for you in your current life situation. At Ambassador Travel we have a large variety of agents who work in a variety of ways. Some agents are stay-at-home moms who come into work on the weekends. Some agents work here full-time, while others have a full-time job somewhere else and do occasional work on the weekends here.
Finally, do you like making people’s dreams come true?
The most magical part of a travel agent’s job is that you get to plan a vacation for a client that is their ultimate dream. Think of the excitement in their eyes as they are sitting across your desk itching to go on the vacation they’ve thought about for years. Or even better yet, think of when they come into the office to thank you after they’ve just gotten back from the best vacation they’ve ever experienced. It is very rewarding to know that what your job, is making the people you work for, extremely happy.
So if you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, now comes the next question…


The best way to become a travel agent is to go to Rejuvia Travel School,
a branch of Ambassador Travel! 
 Our travel school is a flexible program that allows for you to complete the program on your own time and at home. You are instructed by experienced travel agents whom help you become prepared to enter the job market to become a professional travel agent! Call our office at 812-479-8687 for more information!

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