Ambassador’s Packing List and Tips

When packing, it never seems to fail that we forget to pack that one thing we were positive we would remember. We know that packing can be a nightmare. Let us help you with your travels by giving you tips and a basic packing checklist to help get you started!

Packing List

Tip 1: It’s important to pack a few days before your trip. That way, if you do forget something, you’ll give yourself time to put that item into your luggage later. This also allows you to have a great night’s rest before you set off on your trip, which you’ll thank yourself for later.

Tip 2: If there are people you consider as your emergency contacts, make sure you give them the information on where you’re staying (address, phone number, room number, etc.) and when you’ll be back. That way if anything ever happens, they’ll know where to reach you.

Tip 3: Plan out your first day of travel so you won’t have to spend your first day figuring out what you want to do. With things already planned out, you’ll have your destinations in hand and ready for adventure (or relaxation).

Tip 4: Check the weather before you leave so you can be prepared for the best (or worst) weather ever. You don’t want to forget a jacket, or an umbrella if the weather will be chilly or rainy.

Tip 5: Add important phone numbers into your phone (like your airline or hotel). If you ever have a flight problem or need to call your hotel, you’ll have it and won’t need to look for it later.

Tip 6: For those traveling overseas, DO NOT forget to make copies of your important documents. If you lose your passport, the embassy will be able to help you out.

Tip 7: Depending on the destination you are going to, you may have to get shots. Be sure to talk with your doctor, so you can be up to date with your immunizations.


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