Why I chose travel school: Hilary

There are many reasons why people choose to enroll in travel school. It offers many job opportunities and gives versatility to each individual enrolled. In this post, one of our newest agents, Hilary, will tell you why travel school was right for her.


Why did you choose travel school? I was originally going to the University of Southern Indiana and was paying for school all on my own. I was also working at the mall and planning my wedding at the same time. Paying for college ended up being too expensive for me to afford. I discovered Ambassador Travel offered travel school for a significantly cheaper price. Since it was the same thing I was pursuing at USI, I decided to sign up.

What is travel school like? You receive a book and a workbook, and there are 16 chapters. For each chapter there are vocabulary, worksheets, research papers, and a test. At the end of everything, you get two finals. Everything is open book, even the tests and finals. Overall, I thought it was pretty simple and wasn’t difficult at all.

What are the benefits of travel school? It only takes a year to complete and it’s affordable. For me personally, since I was planning a wedding and working, it was great knowing you can work at your own pace and from home. I even paid off my tuition in six months. Another benefit is you don’t have to finish the travel school in a year. If you want to finish earlier, you have the ability to do so.

Who would you recommend travel school to? I would recommend enrolling in travel school to those who love to travel and want a job that allows you to. Travel school is also great for people who struggle financially and want to go to school. I know from experience that it can be hard going to school when your schedule isn’t flexible, which is another positive thing about travel school. You do the work from home, at your own pace, so it’s nice for people who need that flexibility. For more information about the Ambassador Travel School, please go to our website or call us (1-800-937-8688) for more information.

Livin’ La Vida Vista

Meet Carnival’s newest ship, the Vista! One of our travel agents, Connie Corbett, had the opportunity to set sail on Carnival’s largest ship. This 135,000 ton ship can hold up to 3954 passengers, so there is room to bring the whole family! The Carnival Vista’s home port is currently in Miami, Florida, but will move to Galveston, Texas in September of 2018.

Let the sea set you FREE! There is nothing better that salty air in the middle of no where! Get lost in paradise in one of these tropical ports. The Carnival Vista offers 6 and 8 day Caribbean cruises with ports of call such as Ocho-Rios, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire. Dive in to the Caribbean culture and visit the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza during your stop in Cozumel, or swim with dolphins in Ocho-Rios. Let’s not forget about Grand Cayman Island, the largest of the Cayman Islands. Every member of your family from grandparents to grandkids will love the Coral Garden and Stingray Sand Bar! These destinations have perfect tropical weather year round, so there is no excuse to wait!

Let’s get to what is important…FOOD. Nothing brings people together like good food, and it’s a great thing the Carnival Vista has plenty of it. From quick bites to luxurious dinners, the Carnival Vista has it all. Grab a quick lunch at Guy’s Burger Joint (Yes, that Guy. The food guy. Guy Fieri) or stay near the pool and eat at the Havana Bar. Craving something exotic? The Carnival Vista offers food from all over the world including Ji Ji Asian Kitchen, Blue Iguana Cantina, Cucuina del Capitano and Bonsai Sushi. You may be sailing the Caribean, but your taste buds will have traveled the world. Looking for something for the kiddos? Carnival Vista offers a Dr. Seuss themed breakfast buffet called Green Eggs & Ham! Perfect right?

A Connie Cruiser Tip!

On the first day when you board the ship and are looking for great food options, head to one of these venues and bypass the crowds at the first day lunch buffet!

What makes the Carnival Vista so unique? Well, since you asked… let’s talk about SkyRide. SkyRide is an 800-foot-long track suspended around it’s top deck that passengers can circle in pedal powered capsules. Just think about that view! Test your speed by racing with other passengers and winning the quickest  lap time. another unique aspect to Carnival’s newest ship is that it’s home to the very first IMAX on the sea. Watch Hollywood’s latest blockbusters and escape from reality.ccl-vista-rope-course

The Carnival Vista offers activities that are fun for the entire family. I doesn’t matter what age, every member of the family will find something on the Carnival Vista that they will enjoy. Entertainment choices come by the dozens on this ship. The traditional cruise shows are delightful, Flick is full of energy, fun, and full of talent. The Havana Lounge featured Mambo Magic Band including bongo drums! A string trio, String Classics with Essencia, plays most evenings in the main lobby.  One of the most popular attractions with the guests is watching full movies on the outdoor screen around the pool. Evening showings included free popcorn! Who doesn’t love that?! The Clubhouse features indoor activities like mini-bowling and arcade style basketball, soccer, volleyball, and table tennis.ccl-vista-mini-golf

Another one of Connie’s Cruiser Tips:

Travelers that gave been approved for Global entry can bypass the lines when departing the ship and continue though Customs and Immigrations much shorter than the “Global Entry” line.

We could go on and on about everything this fantastic cruise line has to offer, but there is only one way to truly experience it. Call Ambassador Travel today to book your next cruise and ask about the Carnival Vista!

Debunking Destination Wedding Myths

The day of your wedding should be the absolute best day of your life; however, the reality is that sometimes weddings are full of stress. Something is always bound to come up. One of your bridesmaid dresses doesn’t fit or even a possible delay in the flower delivery can make you dread hearing the phone ring with the thought of another crisis. But… wait a minute! It shouldn’t be like that.
Kristie described her wedding day like this…
“The day of my wedding was the best! My best friend and I hung out on the beach in the morning. Then the both of us and my sister-in-law went to have massages. After that, I got my hair done at the resort and just had to show up to my wedding.”
How can you make your wedding day stress free like Kristie’s? Consider a destination wedding! Talking with honeymoon and destination wedding expert, Kristie Staton, allowed us to discuss the common myths surrounding destination weddings. She has planned well over a 100 honeymoons and over 15 destination weddings, including her own! Just 12 years ago, Kristie and her then fiance left the states to head for the tropical island of Jamaica. Accompanied by 19 of her closest friends and family she got married to the love of her life surrounded by paradise. Read below to find out how she debunks the myths of having a destination wedding. 

The happy couple sharing their first kiss in complete paradise 🙂 

I won’t have any privacy if my guests are staying in the same location.
This can easily be prevented! Stay at a different resort from your guests.

“I stayed at an adults-only resort while the rest of my guests stayed at a resort near-by. This allowed for my husband and I to have private time before and after the wedding. We also stayed in Jamaica for 7 days while our guests only stayed for 4.”
You could also consider traveling to a different location right after your wedding! Talk about the best of both worlds. Have your wedding in Jamaica, and hop on a plane to have your honeymoon on another luxurious island. 

My wedding will be too small.
Not necessarily, Kristie had 19 guests at her wedding. She loved the size of her wedding because of how close they all were at the end of the wedding. Before the ceremony, Kristie and her husband would have meals with the wedding guests and she even planned a trip to Dunn’s River Falls, a popular waterfall in Jamaica. This was a big highlight of the trip. All the close friends and family held hands as they climbed up a waterfall…talk about a bonding moment! Today the group gets together for a Thanksgiving meal and even a yearly summer cookout to reminisce about the vacation 12 years ago.

Kristie and her wedding party at Dunn’s River Falls for a pre-wedding adventure! 

Also, if you are wanting a big wedding feel, while also having a destination wedding… have a reception when you get back! Kristie’s friends and family who couldn’t get to Jamaica came to a reception once she returned and they all celebrated and even watched the video of their wedding!


Kristie and her husband at their reception ! 

My wedding dress will be ruined by the time I get there!
Kristie said this…

“Plan and dress for the destination! If you are getting married on the beach you don’t necessarily have to have super fancy attire. When picking out your dress do your best to pick a material that won’t wrinkle easily. You can also make sure that your resort has a steamer available for you to use.”
Most importantly, be friendly to the flight attendants! While flying to Jamaica, Kristie’s flight attendants hung up her dress in the captain’s cabin. (This can’t be guaranteed every time, but it never hurts to be friendly to the flight attendants.)

My guests won’t want to come.
Who doesn’t want to help celebrate your wedding with a vacation? Even though you may think it is an amazing idea to have a wedding in paradise, some of your guests may be a little reluctant. One of the most difficult parts of having a destination wedding is accepting that some people that you want to be at your wedding won’t be able to afford the trip. BUT, Kristie did have some tips to overcome the dilemma. Make a list of the people that you absolutely have to have at your wedding. If these people are really important to you, then you may need to budget covering some of the costs to get them to the destination. 

Kristie and her maid of honor, who was an absolute MUST to attend the wedding! 

A travel agent can’t help with the planning of a destination wedding!
This is completely FALSE! Having a travel agent assist you with your destination wedding can make it the ultimate stress-free experience. You can refer all of your guests to the agent to have a one-stop booking area. Travel agents that have experience with destination weddings can also let you know about the different rules and regulations for getting married in a different country. Did you know that in some countries you have to have a blood test done before getting married?! An agent could help you navigate these obstacles and help you pick the best location.

If you want the stress-free wedding day, come to Ambassador Travel to talk with Kristie and our other agents about planning your tropical destination wedding!

Should You Become a Travel Agent?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, then you should consider starting a career in the travel agency industry!
Do you love to travel?
Agents visit many different locations, which is a part of their job! A lot of travel agents have been to many countries. One of Ambassador Travel’s agents has been to over 155!!! Recently a group of agents went to Punta Cana to check out various resorts and look into different excursions to make sure they are recommending the top locations and services to their clients.

Ambassador Travel’s travel agents visiting Punta Cana!

Do you love getting good discounts?
Being a travel agent also gives you access to reduced-rate travel. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Plus, this lets you plan vacations with your family on top of the traveling that you already get to do for work!
Do you like having a flexible schedule?
The beauty of being a travel agent is the flexibility. You have the option to work from home or work in an office full or part time. You can really tailor the career to what is right for you in your current life situation. At Ambassador Travel we have a large variety of agents who work in a variety of ways. Some agents are stay-at-home moms who come into work on the weekends. Some agents work here full-time, while others have a full-time job somewhere else and do occasional work on the weekends here.
Finally, do you like making people’s dreams come true?
The most magical part of a travel agent’s job is that you get to plan a vacation for a client that is their ultimate dream. Think of the excitement in their eyes as they are sitting across your desk itching to go on the vacation they’ve thought about for years. Or even better yet, think of when they come into the office to thank you after they’ve just gotten back from the best vacation they’ve ever experienced. It is very rewarding to know that what your job, is making the people you work for, extremely happy.
So if you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, now comes the next question…


The best way to become a travel agent is to go to Rejuvia Travel School,
a branch of Ambassador Travel! 
 Our travel school is a flexible program that allows for you to complete the program on your own time and at home. You are instructed by experienced travel agents whom help you become prepared to enter the job market to become a professional travel agent! Call our office at 812-479-8687 for more information!

Disney Through the Ages

Disney is a must for every family at least once during their lifetime. BUT, when is the best time to go? Do you go when the kids are young and believe in princesses, but may not remember? Or, do you keep waiting until your family has aged so that all can remember the vacation?

Talking to Krista Stocke, a travel agent at Ambassador Travel, made me learn about the magic that a Disney vacation can bring to any family at any time during their family life cycle. Krista has been to Disney 7 times with her family over 25 years! (She’s even planning another Disney vacation for her family next year!) Too often families wait for the ‘perfect’ time to book their Disney vacation, but Krista has a lot of tips on how you can make any Disney vacation a dream vacation.

Krista said that her favorite memory from all the trips would be her very first vacation with her children, Ariel and Ethan, especially this special moment.

“One of my favorite things about that trip was getting to see Beauty and The Beast on stage with the kids.  Ariel and I loved that movie and watched it over and over, so of course her little brother watched it too.   Watching Ariel’s face and her huge smile, plus when the Beast came out, Ethan who was 3, started growling and had his hands up like claws imitating the beast.  That was priceless!”


Ariel and Ethan on the famous Alice in Wonderland, tea-cup ride!

Krista couldn’t stress enough, that her number one tip would be to stay on a Disney property. Her are her top reasons…

  1. Disney properties provide direct transportation to and from the parks at all times of the day.
  2. Having easy transportation allows for frequent breaks for younger families to get those much needed naps in throughout the day.
  3. The pools and other amenities are perfect for a day of relaxation and to rest your sore feet.
  4. With the different ranking of Disney properties, every family can find accommodation within their price point!

Going to Disney even as an older family can be a rewarding vacation, even if you have teenagers! Krista still advised to stay on a Disney property, because teenagers tend to enjoy the pools and other amenities that the resorts and hotels have to offer. Most importantly, for every vacation her family goes on, Krista asks her children to write down a list of their “must-sees” during the vacation. This way you can make sure every child’s wishes are being met during the vacation, so you can enjoy the parks all together.


Krista and her daughter, Ariel, with Tigger and Pooh! 

To wrap it all up, Krista came up with a list of the top four things a traveler would need to do while starting to plan their Disney vacation.

  1. Go to a travel agent! (She isn’t just saying that because she is one!) Disney has a lot to offer families, which means planning can get complicated really quickly. Reservations for different experiences need to be made in advance, and agents have the expertise to make sure that you don’t miss anything important.
  2. Decide on the type of resort! You can choose from Value, Moderate, Deluxe, Deluxe Villas, and Downtown.
  3. Choose dates that are during off-season time to maximize park time!
  4. Visit Disney’s websites to start looking at your families must-sees!

So come on down to Ambassador Travel to visit a travel agent to start planning your dream Disney vacation. Now is the PERFECT time for your family!