Benefits of a Travel Agent

Today, anyone can book a vacation. Many people wonder why travel agents are even necessary anymore. Travel Agents are actually incredibly helpful. They can take your ideas of a vacation and make them come to life and probably add some things to make them better. Here are some of the many benefits of a travel agent-

  1. A travel agent cares about their customer. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t be around anymore because they wouldn’t be able to keep a customer base. They are looking to make your vacation the best vacation. If you’re not sure where you wantmap to go, they will get to know your likes and dislikes and find the best fit for you. You may have heard many people tell you that “X” is the best place they’ve ever gone and you just have to see it but if it isn’t the right place for you then you won’t enjoy it as much as they did. Each person enjoys different places and travel agents understand this. Travel agents are looking to match you with your perfect destination.
  2. Travel agents can package your vacation. If you were to book your vacation yourself you would have to go buy the plane tickets, go to a different site and book your hotel, go to a bunch of other sites to book your activities, and then keep track of everything on all of those different sites. Well, a travel agent has the tools to bundle all of those things into one package which will help you get a deal on the price. Even if you’re more comfortable doing all the planing yourself, you can go to a travel agent, tell them everything you want and they will help organize and package it all for you.
  3. Travel agents give you long term care. When booking things yourself online all a company sees is a credit card number and they aren’t always willing to help, they just want your money. A travel agent will take care of you throughout the entire process. They will make sure you enjoy your vacation and don’t stress about the whole trip. If any kind of change in plans or emergency comes up you won’t have to stress about it. Your travel agent will re-book your flight, tell you what hospitals are reliable, and change your hotel. They will be there if anything in your plans go wrong and they will be the one fixing everything while you continue to enjoy your vacation. They take the stress out of it! ferry-boat-123059_960_720.jpg
  4.  Ambassador Travel uses reliable vendors that are financially vetted and stable. They have great partnerships with various hotels, resorts, airlines, and more. All of this is to help you get the best and most reliable trip.
  5. Last but not least, travel agents are good at what they do! They have traveled the world themselves and have gained the experiences to better help you on your journeys! I would say that booking through a travel agent is the best way to travel because it really makes your trip an exciting adventure without any stress.


So Much To Do In Alaska!

Alaska, a beautiful land full of adventure and fun waiting to be had! Contrary to many beliefs, Alaska has so many fun activities to offer visitors of all ages! While it is often thought that Alaska’s ice cold temperatures can put a damper on all the fun, which is so far from the truth. While Alaska can be cold during the winter months, during the summer months temperatures in Alaska range from 60 degrees to 80 degrees! Take a step outside the box and take yourself on the adventure of a lifetime in Alaska!


Take A Glacier Cruise!


Sail away to the excitement of seeing 26 different glaciers in Prince William Sound! Including a complimentary ride from Anchorage and Whittier, lunch, and the best view of every glacier. Having taken this tour themselves, the Ambassador Travel staff highly recommend this for all ages! Not only will you see glaciers, but you are also very likely to see some sea otters relaxing atop the glaciers as well and maybe even see a moose or two on land! Enjoy the wonder of Esther Passage and so many more amazing spots on this cruise!


Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

Take a step indoors for a tour of Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum! Learn the history of the Automobile and its story in Alaska! Hear about the unusual challenges motorists in early times faced while learning to navigate an automobile in Alaska. Take yourself back in time while seeing cars from all different time periods! Fountainhead allows you to tailor your tour to what best fits you and your group. Sign up for a self-guided audio tour, a Fountainhead Antique Auto guided tour, or a group tour!


Learn the Culture!

For those interested in learning more about the culture of Alaska, Alaska Native Heritage Center is perfect! This cultural center shares the heritage of Alaska’s 11 major cultural groups! Ambassador Travel agent, Cindy said that being able to see the heritage and history of the people of Alaska was great! Located in Anchorage, this Heritage Center is meant to be more than just a museum. Guest are encouraged to engage and interact while on their journey through 10,000 years of Alaskan history!


View Alaska from the Sky!


Why stay on land when you can take a helicopter to see the most breathtaking views of Alaska! Juneau Shore Excursion: Helicopter Tour and Dog Sledding Experience allows visitors the unique opportunity to not only see Alaska form a different angle, but to also take part in some fun Alaskan sports! Take a helicopter flight over Juneau Icefield and then land at camp for a scheduled Dogsled ride! Feel like you’re a part of the movie Snow Dogs, while learning to dogsled!


Enjoy the Beauty of Mt. Alyeska

Joint Salmon Berry Tours for the Turnagain Turn Tour! This tour will take you on a scenic drive along the Seward Highway to the small town of Girdwood. After finishing the car ride, Cindy states that you will then take a tram to the top of Mt. Alyeska! As if that isn’t neat enough, Cindy said that while she was at the top, it was snowing! Once back down, Cindy took a quick tour of the Mt. Alyeska Hotel. “It was beautiful and a great place for anyone who likes to ski!”


Grab a Bite At the Bake Shop!

A tour of Mt. Alyeska is sure to work up an appetite! Located in Girwood Alaska, the Bake Shop is known for its excellent breakfast and lunches! While there, Cindy was able to indulge in their famous Clam Chowder and homemade sourdough roll! With this, she enjoyed a homemade cinnamon roll and lemon glaze. Travel tip: The Bake Shop does not accept credit card but will gladly accept any traveler’s checks, cash, or local checks!


See Animals in Their Natural Habitat


Also located in Girwood is the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. This sanctuary is dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife. See animals such as bears, moose, musk, and ox while touring by foot or in car! These animals are able to graze and roam through the spacious preserve while you watch! Visitors say that being able to see these types of animals in their natural habitat is an amazing thing that you don’t often get to experience anywhere else!


Wilderness Jet Boat Adventure!

While in Alaska, our travel agent Cindy was able to go on a Wilderness Jet Boat Adventure! Located in Talkeetna, just 3 hours north of Anchorage, this 2 hour boat ride travels across 20 miles of rover! Your tour guise will discuss the history and rivers of the area along the way. Lucky enough, Cindy was able to see nesting bald eagles and beaver activity during her boat adventure! Once arrived at the Adventure Site, you will take a half mile nature walk where you will see a Dena’ina Indian Encampment!


Take a Tour and Get Some Brew!

Take an in-depth tour of the Denali Brewing Company! While on a guided tour, walk through and learn about the brewhouse, cellar, packaging lines, winery and distillery! What’s a brewery tour without a beer? At the start of your tour, you will receive an 8oz beer and enjoy along the way. Throughout your tour, you will have 3 4oz tastes of their specialty craft beer!


Take the Kids to the Zoo!

With Gray Wolves, Black Bears, Snow Leopards and more, the Alaska Zoo won’t disappoint! Let your kids see some of the native Alaskan animals in one of the most exciting zoos! Not only can visitors get up close and personal with some of the animals, but this zoo also hosts events such as yoga in the zoo and music nights!


Travel Agent Cindy, took a trip to Alaska this past May and can’t say enough great things about it! Often times, Ambassador Travel Agents will take what is called an FAM (Travel agent familiarization trip) in order to help them better know the area and its activities. Doing so allows our agents to fit each client with the perfect experience! From touring hotels to doing every activity in between, these trips do so much not only for the agents but also for our clients as well! Cindy’s FAM to Alaska was by far her favorite trip. She says that the views we breathtaking and recommends it to anyone who has yet to visit!



Take the Stress out of World Travel

Traveling to a new country can be a bit daunting. You may not know the language, the good hotels in the area, the best sites to see, and so much more. Have you ever wished your travel agent could plan your vacation and then go with you to walk you through it all? Well, I have good news for you! Ambassador travel has a great partnership with Trafalgar Tours.

Budapest scenary.jpg

Trafalgar does escorted tours of amazing places all over the world. We got to talk with a friend Vicki who has done three Trafalgar Tours and wouldn’t want to travel any other way! Vicki said that booking her Trafalgar trip through a travel agency made the whole process so easy! Since she was traveling with her husband and two other friends the travel agents made sure that all of their seats were together on the planes and she didn’t have to try hassling with it herself. Her first trip through Trafalgar was to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Vicki said “When you’re going to a new place that you know nothing about, you want to go with someone who knows what they are doing and can show you cool places”. Many excursions on the trip are optional so if you want to can schedule your own day.

Vicki mentioned that, since she didn’t know the area and what hotels to stay in, it made her feel safe knowing they would be staying in a good hotel and they would get good service. It was also a big relief not to have to figure out any transportation from city to city. The topping on the cake for Vicki was a “Be My Guest” dinner that the Trafalgar Tour holds.


The tour group is able to visit a local restaurant that they have all to themselves. They meet the owner of the restaurant and hear his/her story, tour the building, and hear history they wouldn’t have heard otherwise. It is a unique experience that not just anyone gets to take part in.

Trafalgar Tours really makes traveling an exciting experience because you get to see and experience unique things that you’ll remember for a lifetime. This is the best of both worlds! Simply tell your Ambassador Travel Agent your interested in a Trafalgar Tour and just enjoy the adventure.


Kauai, Hawaii: A Paradise Vacation

Hello all adventurers! My name is Katie and I am the intern here at Ambassador Travel. This summer I took the best vacation of my life. I love to travel and have seen some amazing places. I’ve been to Greece, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. However, out of all these amazing places I have to say that Hawaii was a dream come true.

Kauai is the furthest west island and the least commercialized. The majority of the island is just nature in its full beauty. I love to look at beautiful sights but more than that, I loveKauai waterfall to explore them and that is exactly what I got to do on the Na Poli Coast. Our first day in Kauai we hiked the Na Poli coast. The hike was, in total, eight miles. Throughout the hike (sometimes more of a climb) there are stunning views and you can see dolphins in the crystal blue waters below. Two miles into the hike you come to a nice small beach and two more miles in you come to an amazing waterfall. The closer you get to the waterfall, the more difficult the hike becomes. It’s an adrenaline rush and makes the falls even more special when you get there. We all got into the ice cold water when we made it and swam across to the falls. It was an amazing experience.

There are many more waterfalls to see in Kauai, and Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) is a must see. At Poipu beach we got to be up close with Monk Seals (less Kauai Wimea Canyonthan 1500 left) who come up and lay on the shore to nap along with some sea turtles. Another unique experience for me in Kauai was touring a Hindu Monastery. It is a hidden treasure of Kauai with a serene feel.

You can’t go to Hawaii and not see a luau! If you pick the right luau (which our travel agents can help you with) it is quite the show. The luau took place in a lush 30 acre botanical garden. The food is delightful and they advise you not to eat until you’re full but rather until you’re tired. After dinner you watch an amazing performance putting together all the different cultures that make up Hawaii.

To top off the whole vacation we took a sunset cruise along the Na Poli coast. It was just as stunning from the water as it was from the hike. We ate a nice dinner on the boat, got to mingle with some fellow travelers, and had a champagne toast as we watched the sunset. Wow! I don’t think I could have dreamed of a better vacation!Kauai Cruise

TSA Security Advice: Make Your Travel Experience a Breeze


You would not believe how many travelers often times forget they have a pocket-knife or other unapproved items in their pockets or carry-on bags. For any other questions on items you may want to bring, visit for a list of all prohibited items.

2. Apply for TSA Pre

This is a pre-screening program for travelers to gain access to shorter, less intrusive TSA screenings. A great idea for those of you with young children! You can also apply for other trusted traveler programs such as Global Entry.


Don’t forget your valid ID and boarding pass. Make sure you double check that your name on your boarding pass matches the name on your valid ID. Just taking the time to double check will save you a lot of time in the long-run!

4. Arrive Early!

Ever heard the saying “Early is on time, on time is late, and if you’re late don’t show up”? Well this applies! For domestic travel, arrive to the airport up to 2 hours in advance and for international travel arrive up to 3 hours in advance. This just ensures that you are able to get through security and take care of any other small things in time for your flight.

5. Be Prepared

When approaching security, be ready. Have your ID out, remove any large electronics (laptops, tablets, etc), and have your 3-1-1 liquids out and ready to go.

6. Don’t Over Pack!

Making sure your baggage fits the weight requirements doesn’t have to be difficult. Mixing and matching outfits is a great way to pack less while still having plenty of outfits.  Limiting the number of shoes you pack can also help you keep the weight of your bag down. Each person is allowed 2 carry-on bags, a purse and a backpack or small luggage. If needed, you can always pack some outfits inside your carry-on to leave more room for larger items in your luggage.

7. Be Nice to The Gate Agents

Gate agents have more power than you might assume. Being nice to a gate agent can make your experience easier and even quicker.