Don’t Wait For It To Come To You

Concerts are such big, exciting events that are extremely popular. Concerts happen in many, many different cities around the world just about every day collectively. I think it’s safe to say that EVERYONE listens to music and most people have an artist or band they really like. Concerts are an exciting event that brings the artists and fans together through live performances. The energy and feelings between the performers and audience can be difficult to describe through words, you really just have to experience it yourself!

It can be very exciting to see an artist or band you love perform right in front of you eyes, but for many of us, we wait for the chance to experience this by waiting for the band to come to a city near you and sometimes this just doesn’t happen. If you live near big cities like Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, or Dallas, you have better chances of this happening, but not always.

So here’s an idea! Instead of waiting for the concert to come to you, you go to the concert! I know what you’re thinking, ‘why would I spend so much to travel so far for just one concert?’ BUT your traveling doesn’t have to be for just one concert. The concert may be just one aspect that brings you to travel somewhere, but you can turn it into a whole vacation filled with many experiences.

Still not convinced? Here are some examples to give you a better idea:

Say your favorite band is going on a world tour, but none of the cities are near you. There’s two things you can do here by planning a whole vacation around a concert of your favorite band.

Let’s say you live in the Midwest such as Evansville, Indiana and your favorite band will have a concert in Los Angeles or New York. Visiting a big city can be full of many adventures and new experiences. There are many, many different places to go sight seeing, activities, and different events going on all the time in big cities like L.A. and New York. So, you can experience the concert as well as many other things by traveling to a new city.

It’s a world tour and they could be visiting a big city in a country you’ve always want to go to! Now is your chance! You can go see your favorite band and experience a new country at the same time! A concert lasts one to two nights so you can plan other fun or relaxing activities during the day or others nights while you visit!

In addition, there are many resorts and cruises that feature artists during your cruise or stay at the resort so you get your vacation experience with the plus of a live performance from an artist you like!

Why wait for the experience to come to you? Traveling is an experience you won’t get anywhere else, so enhance your love for music by going to a concert and experience a new place at the same time!

Travel Inspiration

Need some inspiration to go on your next travel adventure? Well, what is more inspiring than inspirational travel quotes! Here are 6 inspirational travel quotes to get you motivated to explore the world and all its wonders.

Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.    -Ibn Battuta

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.    -Unknown

These two quotes summarize what happens during and after traveling. When you travel to a place you’ve never been, it can leave you speechless, but it also leaves you with the experience and a story to share with others! Money can buy us many things in life, but with travel you gain new experiences that make you richer as a person.

This next quote is for all of you out there in your 20’s, whether your 20, 29 or somewhere in between, this quote is for you!

“Your 20’s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with stuff, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground.”-Kyoko Escamilla

Basically, the 20’s are some of the best years of your life so go out and live it while you’re young! There is a whole world out there just waiting for you to explore it! Get a group of good friends, go on a vacation, and enjoy traveling with good company! You never know what you might experience if you don’t take the opportunity. However, even if you’re no longer in your 20’s, that doesn’t mean you’re not young.

Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.          -Unknown

Life is short, but the world is full of wonderful things. Don’t wait, live in the moment and go experience the world. Many of us struggle with money, but with a well planned out trip and budget, it doesn’t have to hold you back from your travel adventure if you have the courage to take the first step! Travel agents are always here to help you plan your adventure with whatever budget you may have. This next quote is a personal favorite.

Travel far enough you meet yourself.     -Cloud Atlas

This is a simple, but powerful quote that is very inspiring. It’s from a movie called Cloud Atlas which is a very interesting movie that might just make you think about many deep inspirational things in life including travel. Many of us spend a lot of time simply looking for ourselves. Why are we here? What do I love to do? Who am I? and many other such questions cross our minds. It’s really amazing how you can get different perspectives on life and yourself by simply traveling. Going out of your comfort zone to go and experience something new and amazing can have such positive effects. Many people really discover themselves through travel, myself included!

You don’t need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination.       -Unknown

All it takes is you to get up and go experience the world. All you need is a destination! If you have no idea where you want to go or only have a vague idea, you can ask your friends who have traveled, look up blogs about destinations, or simply call a travel agent to get advice from well experienced travelers who know all the in and outs!

Travel is an experience you can’t get from reading or hearing about it. You just have to get up and go explore it yourself!

How To Find the Best Airfare

Traveling many times involves airfare and if you have a vacation budget, airfare can take a huge chunk out of that budget. The cost of air travel is not usually cheap , so how do you find the best deal? Well, we are here to give you 6 great tips to find the best deals!

Tip #1 is simply call a travel agent. Travel agents have access to a host of tools and systems that can quickly compare prices for different air carriers, alternate dates and departure locations. You may think booking a flight or two is simple and that you can compare the prices yourself, but many of us may know the extra costs and problems we encounter when booking flights ourselves. Travel agents can help find the best flight with the best deals and help minimize problems you could potentially run into. They are here to help you make the most of the planning of your trip!

Tip #2 Be flexible on the days of the week you travel. While in most other businesses the weekends tend to be more expensive, in airfare the weekdays tend to be more expensive because business  travelers occupy so many seats. So traveling on weekends can be less expensive.

Tip #3 Buy air travel as part of a package. If you will be reserving hotel accommodations or a car rental, be sure to let your travel agent know. We have access to non-published air prices when air travel is packaged with a hotel and/or car rental. So this also brings us back to the tip of calling a travel agent to help you with planning your trips!

Tip #4 Use a credit card that earns points you can use for travel. It is very common for our customers to earn enough points on their credit card for one, two or three free airline tickets each year. This can help save you on expenses in long run, especially if you travel often!

Tip #5  Ask your travel agent if there are any air fare deals offered by the travel provider you will be vacationing with. For instance, many river cruise companies will offer a discount or a 2nd person free airfare with your vacation purchase. So it never hurts to double check for extra deals and offers!

The final tip is #6 travel off season! When the weather is cold, it is of course more expensive to travel to warm destinations. In addition, traveling during or around holidays are usually more expensive. It’s great to travel for the holidays because there are usually events and special deals, but this also means many, many people are traveling during these times. If your looking to save on airfare, it’s better to travel off season and avoid holidays.

Those are all the tips we have for you this time! The most important tip is to just contact a travel agent. They can help find you the best deals, save on expenses, and they love travel just as much as you do, maybe even more!

5 Family Vacation Travel Tips

It’s July and July is a huge travel month for family vacations, business trips, short trips alone, etc. So be prepared for high volume of travelers in airports, hotels, and resorts. There are 5 great tips we would like to give you for traveling, especially during such a busy travel month!



Tip #1 : Use TSA approved locks on your luggage. TSA often need to open your luggage to confirm contents and if you do not have a TSA compatible lock, they will cut the lock off! There is not need to waste money on a lock that could just get cut off, so double check that your locks are TSA approved!

Tip #2 : Be sure to bring your own headphones. Don’t rely on the earphones distributed by airlines. Especially when you have a pretty long flight, you want something to do like listen to music, watch a movie or TV show, or play a game on your phone. Sometimes you may even want headphones to block out other people on your flight, so don’t leave your headphones behind!


Tip # 3 : LUGGAGE! Take pictures of your luggage inside and out, just in case of lost or damaged luggage. With pictures, it will be easier to identify and list descriptions with the lost baggage claim. If you have pictures of the luggage contents before you close it up, if an item is lost or damaged, it will be a good reference list. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with these things, but it’s better to be prepared! ALSO Be sure to remove old flight tags from your luggage to avoid your luggage being sent to the wrong place.

Tip #4 : Take an empty water bottle with you! You will not be able bring any water with your through TSA security, but you can fill up an empty water bottle at a water fountain after you pass through the check point. This will save you money and will help you keep hydrated.


And finally, Tip #5 : Take your own snacks and pack your own lunch. Again this will save you a lot of money during your trip. Then you will have access to quality food when you want it!

EXTRA TIPS : Be sure to be kind to employees! They deserve it and they also have the ability to enhance your time with them. Be kind to fellow travelers too! You never know what someone else is dealing with such as stress from late or canceled flights, so just be kind!



Get a Mix of Both Worlds in Palm Springs

Get a wonderful mix of old and new, festive and relaxing, low-key and extravagant! Palm Springs, California has a reminiscent of Old Hollywood and has a lot to offer for a fun getaway! Palm Springs is a desert destination with little rain so you can expect sunny skies when you go.

Palm Springs JW Marriott

What is there to do in Palm Springs? There are Casinos, great shopping, fabulous resorts and spas! There is a HUGE Palm Springs Outlet mall  with over 150 stores. There is also fine dining, world class golf, hiking and more! The JW Marriot Resort is pictured above.

Getting there is simple. You can fly directly into Palm Springs, or you can fly into Los Angeles or San Diego. Great times of the year to go for great temperatures are in December and January. Summers can be very hot in this area.

Palm Springs Bing Crosby EstatePalm  Springs Bing Crosby Estate Patio

Special event venue Bing Crossy Estate have amazing opportunities for events and celebrations such destination wedding, special anniversary,  or family reunion. This luxury estate rests on the hillside in the center of Rancho Mirage in a luxury neighborhood filled with history, charm, and plenty of Hollywood celebrity intrigue.