Wellness on a Mission, Dominican Republic

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vacation that provides a mental, physical and spiritual break to recoup in an enriching atmosphere? Have you ever wanted to participate in a life-changing mission trip, but didn’t have the opportunity or know exactly how to go about attending?

Ambassador Travel in Evansville, IN and Studio 3 in Henderson, KY are partnering Wellnesstogether to take a group of like-minded people to GBI Crossroads in the Dominican Republic, for an all-emcompassing retreat! This amazing opportunity is coming up June 2nd-9th of 2018, called Wellness on a Mission; focusing on holistic wellness, while supporting GBI Crossroads, a non-profit organization providing care and empowering the lives of the communities they serve. http://www.gbicrossroads.org

Erin McKee, director of Studio 3 and developer of Yoga Alternative LLC, participated with GBI Crossroads in the summer of 2017 on a mission trip with a group of High School students. From this experience, it lead to a deep calling in her soul to bring more people to this healing place and to create a program that is one of a kind. We will be staying on the large secluded property in the lush mountains, overlooking the iconic Parque Nacional Isabel De Torres, or Inspiration Mountain, and the beautiful coastline. Some notable amenities include: hot showers, netted sleeping quarters, a yoga studio and a relaxing pool with waterfall, that we will take full advantage of throughout the week. Erin can attest that the area is safe and the owners of the property are very well respected among the communities where we will work.Wellness 2

Our trip will include three days of mission work, combined with wellness studies in the following areas: emotional release; focusing on inner questions and Yoga with Erin McKee, TRX and mental clarity with trainer Karen Evans, and spiritual growth with Wellness Coach, Kim Jackson. Our concierge travel agent, Kristie has planned some exciting excursions for us to enjoy also! We will visit the beautiful beaches of Cabarete, Sosua and Puerto Plata, including an excursion to 27 Waterfalls, and opportunities for shopping. We will have three delicious meals per day provided by GBI Crossroads, and plan to eat lunch and dinner out on our full day of excursions, experiencing the vacation hot-spot cuisine.

Our mission focus will be assisting a Haitian majority community, who are descendants of slaves who were smuggled into the D.R. during the sugar plantation era, and today are still seen as less than human to many of the Dominican locals. Most do not have simple citizen rights, and are forced to live in subhuman-like conditions without any government support. Prostitution, drugs, or searching through the dump for re-sale items are sadly the future to many Haitian children, however with your help, we can teach them their worth, helping them to learn new trades and break the chain of bondage that they were born into.Wellness on a mission2

We can teach them through workshops funded with the cost of this trip. We will also help fund ongoing medical clinics, feeding & housing 5 families that live on the GBI Crossroads farm, sponsoring 15 children to go to school year round and a monthly clothing drive. Depending on how many participants we have, we also hope to raise enough funding to providing two cement floors for families. The concrete floors are extremely important because of parasites that children often contract from laying on dirt floors. So, the more loving hearts we have joining this trip, the bigger difference we can make for the community!

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of please contact us for further details. We are focusing on mostly women ages 18 and older, however we will accept couples as well as 15 years and up with a parent/guardian. We are looking forward to making a big impact on the people we are there to help, as well as on ourselves! For more information about this phenomenal opportunity contact: Kristie Staton – Ambassador Travel – (800) 937-8688 – Ext. 211 – KristieS@MyAmbassadorTravel.com or Erin McKee – Studio 3 – (270) 957-5070 – yogaalternative@gmail.com


Best Places to go for Your Honeymoon

Okay, lets be honest. Everyone has their own tastes in travel and one honeymoon destination may not fit everybody. Since I don’t know you I can’t tell you your perfect destination. However, I can tell you how to find that perfect destination just for you. luggage-2729013_960_720

Figure out activities you want to do on your honeymoon. Do you want to sit around and be pampered? Do you want to hike mountains? Do you want to see historical sights? Make a list together without a particular destination in mind.

After you’ve got your list, talk to a travel agent. They’ll ask you some questions to get to know you better. It will assist them in matching you with a destination. Show them your list of activities as well as your budget. The honeymoon experts at Ambassador Travel love planning honeymoons and they want you to enjoy it just as much as you want to enjoy it. With the list of activities and a better understanding of who each of you are they will be able to pick the best destination for you!

sunset-1822585_960_720They’ll take into consideration the connecting flights needed and how long your total travel time is going to be. That way you aren’t wasting too much time in transit and you’re spending more time at your destination. A travel agent will take your budget, what you want to do, and your travel, and package everything together to get you everything you want for less. Travel agents have access to tools and deals that you can’t get when booking online. So booking with an agent means you can save money!

With these easy tips, you will have your perfect honeymoon and make memories that will last a lifetime. Ambassador Travel Honeymoon Experts will make sure you are taken care of! Let them do the planning so that all you have to do is enjoy!

Don’t Overpay for Your Honeymoon

Everyone wants that perfect honeymoon and many think that they have to pay a lot to make sure it is exactly what they pictured. Not only that, but if you find a great deal there could be some hidden costs. You are already paying for the wedding and you shouldn’t have to overpay for the honeymoon. Luckily there is a way to make sure you aren’t overpaying for your perfect romantic vacation.


Ambassador Travel experts have many partnerships and connections that allow them to get great deals. Along with that, they are very knowledgeable about honeymoon destinations and have planned many successful honeymoons before. Booking your honeymoon online may seem like you’re getting a great deal, but when you add in hidden cost such as luggage fees, resort fees, drinks, and more, then you are sure to end up overpaying for your honeymoon.

Ambassador travel experts can make sure that you get all of those extra perks plus a little more. Since a travel expert has relationships with the places they’ll send you they can package everything together so you only pay one price and you will get special deals. You might also get some special spa treatments and a nice candle lit dinner. Your honeymoon will be one to brag about for sure.honeymoon toast

Ambassador Travel honeymoon experts have booked so many successful honeymoons and love doing it! They want you to have the perfect honeymoon too and they’ll do all they can to make sure all your expectations are met and maybe even exceeded! You won’t have to hassle with hidden fees that you didn’t plan for. Your whole trip will be ready to go and all you will have to do is enjoy!

Halloween Traditions Around the World

America is not the only country that celebrates Halloween but we do have our unique way of celebrating it. Carving pumpkins and dressing up to either go door to door in the neighborhood or go out to a Halloween party are our main celebrations of Halloween. We have out houses decorated with ghosts and spiders and we attempt to scare people or we attempt to scare ourselves in a haunted house.halloween-2870607_960_720

Not all countries celebrate this way. For many, the end of October or beginning of November is a celebration of the dead. Trick or Treating is unique to America. In Ireland they have a big gathering sharing food, playing games, and having a bonfire.

Mexico, with one of the most recognizable holidays, celebrates  Día de los Muertos or the day-of-the-dead-1868836_960_720day of the dead. They celebrate by creating elaborate alters for their loved one who have passed. The alters have food, pictures, and heirlooms. They believe that on November 1st children’s souls come down from heaven and on November 2nd the adult souls come down.

Japan holds a parade on Halloween. This is the biggest parade in Japan and you have to apply to be a part of it. There are strict guidelines but you are sure to see some amazing costumes! In Poland people celebrate similarly to those in Mexico. They go to the cemetery where their loved one is buried and decorate with flowers and candles. Italy does this too, they make cemeteries an array of beautiful colors with so many flowers. cemetery-18678_960_720

Almost every country has some sort of celebration around October and they are all unique. It would be so interesting to travel to another country and celebrate their traditions.

What Type of Cruiser Are You?

October is National plan a cruise month which offers a way for travelers to learn more about cruises and find some amazing deals! There are hundreds of different options for cruises, all offering unique experiences! Choices range from family to couple cruises and from elegant to relaxed cruises. Here are some great options for you to choose from-

Expedition Cruises-

This isn’t your typical cruise, however, it is becoming a popular attraction. These smaller cruise boats are able to get to ports that the bigger cruise boats do not have access to. On these cruises you’ll explore nature and wildlife like never before. When arriving at a port you may be getting into a raft or a kayak and exploring deeper or putting on your hiking boots and hiking a mountain. This cruise is definitely for the adventurous. Some popular destinations for these cruises are Alaska, Antarctica, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Islands. cruise expedition

Family Cruises-

As the name suggests, this type of cruise offers activities for the whole family to enjoy. The family can enjoy water slides, a theater, hot tubs, nice family cabins, and so much more. The activities on family cruises can be endless and your kids are sure to go to bed tired! Some even offer you and your S.O. a chance to have some adult time to yourselves while the kids are off with their own activities. cruise fam

Luxury cruises-

If you’re looking for a cruise that you will be fully pampered on, then luxury cruises are for you. From the moment you walk on board the ship your luggage will be handled for you and you’ll be carrying a glass of bubbly in your hands. The ship will have fine wood or even marble flooring and you’ll be looking at fine artwork throughout the ship. The dinners aboard are gleaming with elegance and you’ll be able to enjoy many talented artists as well as incredible speakers. Cruisee

River Cruises-

For a river cruise you will be on a smaller boat and you will have the ability to enjoy beautiful sights of different country sides. European locations are popular for river cruises. The boat will stop and a different port each day and you’ll get to explore multiple countries. The on board amenities are not as extravagant as big ocean cruises and it is a more nice relaxing atmosphere. river cruise

There is a cruise out there for everyone and if you’re not sure what type of cruise you want to enjoy then our travel agents can help to match you up with your perfect trip!